Monday, January 25, 2010

Huarache Run at MacRitchie Reservoir

I brought my self made Huarache to MacRitchie reservoir for a test run on 24th Jan 2010.  I started the run at 6:30am which was still quite pitch dark in the MacRitchie forest.  It was quite scary running alone, I will probably try to get a head light for future runs.

The Huarache did not give me any problem for the whole 12.4km, it was a comfortable easy run.  I even did the hills from the Singapore Island Country Club toward the Upper Pierce reservoir dam.  The hills was tough in the jungle, felt like giving up half way through.  I heard quite a few comments along the way, people were saying "Hey, he has no shoes!", "What kind of shoe is that?", etc.

I was rather happy and glad I did this run to prove to myself that with the Huarache, I can do a better timing.  About 6 months ago, I did a similar route at MacRitchie reservoir barefooted (raw), it took me 2 hrs to do 10km then.  Now it took me 1hr 18min to cover 12.4km with a rather easy pace.

Here is the route I took on Sunday (24 Jan 10) morning and I will be doing this more often to prepare for MR25 Cross Country Marathon and North Face 2010.

MacRitchie 12.4km Route

From Huarache


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